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Gala – and 50th Anniversary party

     Please join us, when we celebrate our joint gala and

anniversary party on Saturday night.

This years gala party will be marked by the

50th Anniversary of the Association.


We wish to create an unforgettable evening,

and will hold during the evening an American lottery.

 We guarantee lots of prizes, as well as a festive evening!

Tickets will be sold during the evening.

So remember some cash in your wallet! or the mobile phone (mobilepay).

Dust off your boots and don’t forget your dance shoes, so we

can celebrate our 50th Anniversary and the 12 th International!


Steamed fish on salad, decorated with cold water prawns

fresh asparagus and herb dressing.

Salad with chicken breast and apple with cream dressing.

Roast – beef and pork.

6 mixed salads.

Marinated new potatoes.

Bread / dressing.


Tart with fresh fruit and fresh cream.

Price per person

12 years and over 26 euro / 200 DK

3 years to 11 years 13 euro / 100 DK

Up to 2 years free of charge

Stay updated here on the page, as well as on the facebook page

– Shetlandpony 2018 12th ISPC International show, where

program etc. will be available soon.

Registration for the “Gala and Anniversary” celebrations will

open 1 February 2018 here on the website – last registration

dated 1 July 2018.