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Frequently asked questions


When is the earliest and latest time we may arrive with ponies for a vet check?
Thursday – 8 – 20 a clock.
Friday – 8 – 22 a clock
Saurday – 5.00 – 7.00 a clock

The ponies have to be at the showground at 7 o’clock Saturday morning at the latest.


-When do we receive catalogue, program, camping info etc.?

Can you decide which campsite you want to camp on?
No, you cannot, but the campsites are divided into nationality.

Can you buy hay on the show ground?
Yes, you can, contact the secretary.

Can you clean/wash the ponies on the show ground?
Yes, there are wash areas at the stables.

Can you have more than one pony in a box?
Mares and geldings may share a box. This does not apply to mares with foal at foot and stallions.

Can you have paddock/pens for ponies to walk on grass?
No, the ponies must be in a box.

– Should the ponies be vaccinated?
This is not a requirement, but we recommend it.

Can you register the same pony for a show class and a performance class?
Yes, you can. In the program you can see when the classes are placed on the day. We do our best
to ensure that the ponies do not hit the classes at the same time.